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Stirred Elements Stirred Elements
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$29.95 Discount Box $29.95 Discount Box
Pinch of Electrons Pinch of Electrons
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Bunch of Matter Bunch of Matter
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Minced Molecules Minced Molecules
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Apple Cheddar Bite Size Bits Apple Cheddar Bite Size Bits
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2 Tbsp Slime 2 Tbsp Slime
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Italian Seasoning Italian Seasoning
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Cup of Eyeballs Cup of Eyeballs
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Blended Beans Blended Beans
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Welcome to the Jillibean Soup Retail Store! Please send us an e-mail at if you have questions!

BRAND NEW: CHA Summer 2014 collections - Mix the Media, Soup Staples III and Cool As A Cucumber Soup Have Arrived! Check out all the great surfaces, masks, stencils and embellishments in the Mix the Media collection as well as the 'New' basics, Soup Staples III papers and sides. 

For our CHA Winter 2015 NEW RELEASES, please check our Store Directory for a store near you!

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